Wes has been the proud owner of Wes Ward Auto Repair for 32 years. Wes started working with cars as a hobby but became a professional mechanic during his time in the US Military. Wes is not only a member of the Parts Plus Car Care network, but is a member of the advisory council where he represents 3500 member shops nationwide. Wes is also a past president of The Northeast Kingdom Chamber and a member and past president St. Johnsbury Kiwanis. Wes also voluteers his time as "Gaurdian ad Litem" in the Vermont family court system.

Wes is a graduate of Lyndon State College where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Wes is an A.S.E. Certified Master Technician and applies his knowledge of business and technology to the everyday operations of Wes Ward Auto Repair.

Paula Ward joined Wes Ward Auto Repair in 2004. Paula has 16 years experience in customer service and is a graduate of NHCTC with an Associates Degree in Accounting and a Certificate in Business Management. Paula was instrumental in the development and continuing efforts of Caledonia County Relay for life and is a director for The Lyndon Outing Club. Paula specializes in customer service and encourages customers to contact her with their concerns. 


Roxy is the "tension relief specialist" at Wes Ward Auto. She's always there to lift spirits and remind folks that even though their cars need work, things aren't so bad. She is a 'shih tzu" which looks better in writing than it sounds when spoken. She was born on Oct 16th 2012.